Patrick Hernandez “Born To Be Alive”

Joy Division

I sorta doubt Ian Curtis would approve.

story on pitchfork

Liars “It Fit When I Was A Kid”

This song made NPR’s list of The Songs That Scare

Cleverbots talk to each other

Researchers at Cornell Creative Machines Lab found out what happens when two chatbots have a conversation…

Elliot Smith Mural Restored

photo: FMLY

Elliot Smith wall was significantly retouched this Monday. Saturday August 6th would have been Smith’s 42nd birthday. read the story at LAist

Stick Horseess!

here’s the stick horseee story

Grand Rapids Michigan lip sync video “American Pie”

After being listed as No. 10 on a list of America’s “dying” cities. Grand Rapids made this 10 minute lip sync video set to Don McLean’s “American Pie” all shot in one take… Yeah its cheesy but wow.. organizing around 3000 people for a single shot video is quite remarkable..

Heavy Metal saves lives

A 13-year-old Norwegian boy avoided being attacked by wolves by playing a heavy metal song on his mobile phone…
The incident took place in the central Norwegian municipality of Rakkestad. Four wolves, who appeared before the boy when he was returning home from school, were scared away by the noise coming from the boy’s mobile phone, the Russian website said.
The song that saved the boy’s life was by thrash metal band Megadeth.

Suppose There’s A Place

the quote is taken from an email i got from a friend describing a band. i thought it was hilarious. so i made this.


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