Playlist: 1.18.18 (KSPC)


The Weather Report with Dusty Clouds (Facebook)
Thursdays Noon-2pm on KSPC Claremont 88.7 FM / Streaming at

Clinic “King kong”
Battles “Futura”
Holger Czukay “Good Morning Story”
Deerhoof “Kokoye”
ESG “You’re no Good”
The Make Up! “time machine”
Devendra Banhart “Fur Hildegard Von Bingen”
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti “Can’t Hear My Eyes”
Balmorhea “Behind the World”
Angelo Badalamenti “Twin Peaks Theme “Falling””
Apprentice Destroyer “Downward to Greendeep”
Melrose Place “Melrose Place Theme”
Beverly Hills 90120 “Beverly Hills 90120 Theme”
Com Truise “Isostacy”
Unsolved Mysteries “Unsolved Mysteries Theme”
Knight Rider “Knight Rider Theme”
Enylobe “untitled 3”
Captain Planet “Captain Planet Theme”
Small Wonder “SMall WOnder Theme”
Animal Collective “The Purple Bottle”
Tune Yards “Bizness”
LA Law “LA Law Theme”
Magnum PI “Magnum Pi Theme”
Darkwing Duck “Darkwing Duck Theme”
Smart Guy “Smart Guy Theme”
Sister Sister “Sister Sister Theme”
TV On the Radio “satellite”
Daniel Johnston “Walking the Cow”
Ace Sob unit “Pocket”
Gene Marshall “Green Fingernails”
Wesley Willis “Rock N’ Roll McDonald’s”
Crossfire “Crossfire Commercial”
Duck Tales “Duck Tales Theme”
Street Sharks “Street Sharks Theme”
Legends of the Hidden Temple “Legends of the Hidden Temple Theme”
NewsRadio “News Radio Theme”
Hey Dude “Hey Dude Theme”
Polaris “Hey Sandy (Pete and Pete Theme)”
Milford Perkins “The Duck Egg Walk”
Perfect Strangers “Perfect Strangers Theme”
The Make Up “Live In the Rhythm Hive”
The Nanny “The Nanny Theme”
The Facts of Life “The Facts of Life Theme”
California Dreams “California Dreams Theme”
BJ Snowden “In Canada”


Playlist: 12.28.17 (KSPC)


The Weather Report with Dusty Clouds (Facebook)
Thursdays Noon-2pm on KSPC Claremont 88.7 FM / Streaming at

Bruce Haack “Incantation”
Chromatics “Jesus”
Tobacco “Fantasy Trash Wave”
Brainiac “Strung”
Liars “Let’s Not Wrestle Mt. Heart Attack”
Wesley Willis “Rock ‘n Roll McDonald’s”
Dick Kent “Maker of Smooth Music”
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti “Bright Lit Blue Skies”
Deerhoof “Criminals of the Dream”
Golden Girls “Golden Girls Theme”
The Wonder Years “The Wonder Years”
Growning Pains “Growing Pains Theme”
7th Heaven “7th Heaven Theme”
Joey Lawrence “Brothely Love Theme”
Family Matters “Family Matters Theme”
Dawson’s Creek “Dawson’s Creek Theme”
Black Eyes “Someone Has His Fingers Broken”
Apprentice Destroyer “Desert Light”
The I.L.Y’s “The Treatment”
Glenn Branca “Symphony #5: 4th Movement”
Enylobe “untitled 3”
Ho99o9 “Gates of Torment”
Liars “A Ring On Every Finger”
Can “Future Days”
David Lynch “Strange and Unproductive Thinking”
Bruce Haack “Program Me”
Com Truise “Propagation”
Daniel Johnston “Walking the Cow”
Ducktales “DuckTales Theme”
Doogie Howser MD “doogie howser md theme”
Beverly Hills 90210 “Beverly Hills 90210 Theme”
News Radio “News Radio Theme”
LA Law “LA Law Theme”
Perfect Strangers “Perfect Strangers Theme”

Playlist: 12.14.17 (KSPC)


Today was the last Weather Report EVER of Fall 2017. Next week we begin a new Winter Season – same time, same place… except it will be winter… and i suppose not exactly the same time, as it will be a week from today.

The Weather Report with Dusty Clouds (Facebook)
Thursdays Noon-2pm on KSPC Claremont 88.7 FM / Streaming at

Can “Yoo Doo Right”
Animal Collective “Banshee Beat”
Barbara Streisand “Send in the clowns”
Apprentice Destroyer “Chromosome Choir”
Noga Erez “Balkada”
Black Dice “La Cucaracha”
The I.L.Y’s “The Studio”
Tobacco “Gods in Heat”
Throbbing Gristle “Ab/7A”
Taxi “Taxi Theme”
Making the Grade “Making the Grade Theme”
Murder She Wrote “Murder She Wrote Theme”
Matlock “Matlock – Theme from the Television Series”
Fraggle Rock “Fraggle Rock Theme”
Crossfire “Crossfiyah”
Simon And Simon “Simon and Simon”
ER “ER (Theme)”
LA Law “LA Law Theme”
Star Trek: The Next Generation “Star Trek: The Next Generation Theme”
Ho99o9 “Day of Vengeance”
Sun Ra “Twin Stars of Thence”
Cara Stewart “Song of the Burmese Land”
Norm Burns & Singers “Human Breakdown of Absurdity”
Gene Marshall “All You Need Is a Fertile Mind”
Rodd Keith “Cloud Nine”
Enylobe “untitled 2”
Miles Davis “Pharoah’s Dance”

Playlist 12.7.17 (KSPC)


Thanks to the generous fahrenheit temperature pledges from our generous listeners, we unlocked the Weath-o-meter TWICE today! Incredible stuff.

The Weather Report with Dusty Clouds (Facebook)
Thursdays Noon-2pm on KSPC Claremont 88.7 FM / Streaming at

Brian Eno “Baby’s on Fire”
Enon “In this City”
Gothic Tropic “Teenage Behavior”
David Lynch “The Line It Curves”
The Make Up “Live In the Rhythm Hive”
Miles Davis “big time”
Heather Noel “Santa Came On a Nuclear Missile”
Mr Bucket “Buckets of Fun!”
Crossfire “Crossfiyah”
Michael Nhat “Insanity”
Com Truise “Isostacy”
Numbers “We like having these things”
Rodd and Judy “Santa Fix My Toys for Christmas”
NAKED CITY “Demon Sanctuary”
NAKED CITY “Thrash Jazz Assassin”
NAKED CITY “Dead Spot”
Mission of Burma “Trem Two”
Home Improvement “Home Improvement Theme”
Out of this World “Out of this World Theme”
Beverly Hills 90210 “Beverly Hills 90210 Theme”
My Two Dads “You can count on me”
Gimme a Break “Gimme a Break Theme”
Dawson’s Creek “Dawson’s Creek Theme”
Neon Indian “Street Level”
Neu “Isi”
Suicide “Mr. Ray”
Shabazz Palaces “Shine a Light (feat. Thaddillac)”
Rudolf “We’re a Couple of Misfits”
Jon Sudano “Semi Charmed Life Cover”
Man Is the Bastard “Existence Decay”
Metz “Lost in the Blank City”
Girl Band “Pears for Lunch”
Throbbing Gristle “Dead on Arrival”

Playlist 11.30.17 (KSPC)


I’m posting this playlist two weeks after having DJed the show, so I don’t recall how things went down. I assume we got through it okay though.

The Weather Report with Dusty Clouds (Facebook)
Thursdays Noon-2pm on KSPC Claremont 88.7 FM / Streaming at

Subtitle “Young Dangerous Heart”
Kill Me Tomorrow “Xerox My Hand”
Year Future “Nature Unveiled”
The Locust “#99”
The Locust “Hairspray Suppository”
The Locust “Keep Off the Tracks”
Fugazi “Waiting Room”
Liars “Scarecrows on a Killer Slant”
David Lynch “Lady in the Radiator Song”
Machintosh Plus “Floral Shoppe”
Tobacco “Let’s Get Worn Away”
Reading Rainbow “Reading Rainbow Theme Song”
Brown “News Orb Jam”
Tiny Tim (with Miss Sue) “true love”
Unknown Mortal Orchestra “Ur Life One Night”
Tomber Lever “Stay Hungry”
Bobbi Blake “I Like Yellow Things”
Junko Yagami “Bay City”
Miho Fujiwara “Next Move”
Tomoko Aran “I’m in Love”
Can “mushroom”
Grounded for Life “Grounded for Life Theme”
Malcolm in the Middle “Malcolm In the Middle (Theme)”
Taxi “Angela (Theme from “taxi”)”
Shadow Chasers “Shadow Chasers Theme”
Gary Shandling Show “The Gary Shandling Show (This Is the Theme To Garry’s Show)”
LA Law “LA Law Theme”
Who’s The Boss “Who’s the Boss Theme”
The State “The State Theme”
Mission Impossible “Mission impossible theme”
Todd Andrews “The Palace Roses”
Rugrats “Rugrats Theme”
The I.L.Y’s “The Treatment”
Captain Planet “Captain Planet Theme”
Rhys Chatham & Gary Smith & Pat Thomas with Apache 61 “Live at Now ninety8”
Metz “Cellophane”
Crossfire “Crossfire Commercial”
Smash Mouth “All Star in C”
Com Truise “memory”

Playlist: 11.23.17 (KSPC)


Today a pre-recorded Thanksgiving show with some solid TV theme fun for the whole family.  Also, some wise words from Szeanpauul on the value of friendship and family. “Holy heck on a stick!”

The Weather Report with Dusty Clouds (Facebook)
Thursdays Noon-2pm on KSPC Claremont 88.7 FM / Streaming at

Tobacco “Six Royal Vipers”
TV On the Radio “Satelitte”
Gothic Tropic “your soul”
Suicide “Wild in Blue”
Apprentice Destroyer “The Cloud Fortress”
Enylobe “untitled 1”
Nite Jewel “Had to Let Me Go”
Joe Goddard “Human Heart”
Young Magic “lucien”
Animal Collective “The Purple Bottle”
Wolf Eyes “Rattlesnake shake”
Can “Spoon”
Jessy Lanza “It Means I Love You”
Make Up “hey joe”
“Charles in Charge Theme”
“Who’s the Boss Theme”
“Golden Girls Theme”
“Step by Step Theme”
“All That Theme”
“Sister Sister Theme”
“Knight Rider Theme”
“Perfect Strangers Theme”
“Home Improvement Theme”
BJ Snowden “In Canada”
The Stooges “Tv Eye”
Rod Rogers and the Librettos “Santa Claus Goes Modern”
Daniel Johnston “Walking the Cow”
Jon Barba “Twenty Ten”
“DuckTales Theme”
“Rocko’s Modern Life”
“Ghostbusters Theme”
“Captain Planet Theme”
“Twin Peaks Theme “Falling””

Playlist: 11.16.17 (KSPC)


Today, we were joined by real-life 6-year old human Szeannpauul for the 2nd hour of the show. He made fun of my love for the Beverly Hills 90210 Theme Song, but agreed that if I would endure a Five Nights at Freddy’s song, that he would endure the Beverly Hills 90210 Theme. Another important lesson for us all on the art of compromise.

Also, thanks to our loyal listeners’ support and pledges, we were able to unlock the Weather-O-Meter to play the secret song of the day: Rock ‘N Roll McDonalds by Wesley Willis.

The Weather Report with Dusty Clouds (Facebook)
Thursdays Noon-2pm on KSPC Claremont 88.7 FM / Streaming at

The Residents “Constantinople”
Old Time Relijun “Vampire Sushi”
Foot Village “Bones”
Black Moth Super Rainbow “Psychic Love Damage”
This Heat “24 Track Loop”
Replikants “Agent Oranges (Fancy Mix)”
Brainiac “Go Freaks Go”
Subtitle “Smoke Is Smoke”
Deerhoof “Con Sordino”
Megapuss “Theme from Hollywood”
Gothic Tropic “Stronger”
Fugazi “Little Debbie”
At the Drive-In “Rascuache”
Rod Rogers With The Swinging Strings “Little Rug Bug”
Chromatics “Garden”
Animal Collective “My girls”
Maximo Park “The Coast Is Always Changing”
The Make Up “Save Yourself”
Five Nights at Freddies “Join Us For a Bite”
Beverly Hills 90210 “Beverly Hills Theme”
Wesley Willis “Rock ‘n Roll McDonald’s”
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti “Beverly Kills”
The Shaggs “Philosophy of the World”
Primus “Eyes of the Squirrel”
“Never Gonna Give You Up Chip Tune”
Can “Vitamin C”
Apprentice Destroyer “Chromosome Choir”