Playlist: 11.23.17 (KSPC)


Today a pre-recorded Thanksgiving show with some solid TV theme fun for the whole family.  Also, some wise words from Szeanpauul on the value of friendship and family. “Holy heck on a stick!”

The Weather Report with Dusty Clouds (Facebook)
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Tobacco “Six Royal Vipers”
TV On the Radio “Satelitte”
Gothic Tropic “your soul”
Suicide “Wild in Blue”
Apprentice Destroyer “The Cloud Fortress”
Enylobe “untitled 1”
Nite Jewel “Had to Let Me Go”
Joe Goddard “Human Heart”
Young Magic “lucien”
Animal Collective “The Purple Bottle”
Wolf Eyes “Rattlesnake shake”
Can “Spoon”
Jessy Lanza “It Means I Love You”
Make Up “hey joe”
“Charles in Charge Theme”
“Who’s the Boss Theme”
“Golden Girls Theme”
“Step by Step Theme”
“All That Theme”
“Sister Sister Theme”
“Knight Rider Theme”
“Perfect Strangers Theme”
“Home Improvement Theme”
BJ Snowden “In Canada”
The Stooges “Tv Eye”
Rod Rogers and the Librettos “Santa Claus Goes Modern”
Daniel Johnston “Walking the Cow”
Jon Barba “Twenty Ten”
“DuckTales Theme”
“Rocko’s Modern Life”
“Ghostbusters Theme”
“Captain Planet Theme”
“Twin Peaks Theme “Falling””


Playlist: 11.16.17 (KSPC)


Today, we were joined by real-life 6-year old human Szeannpauul for the 2nd hour of the show. He made fun of my love for the Beverly Hills 90210 Theme Song, but agreed that if I would endure a Five Nights at Freddy’s song, that he would endure the Beverly Hills 90210 Theme. Another important lesson for us all on the art of compromise.

Also, thanks to our loyal listeners’ support and pledges, we were able to unlock the Weather-O-Meter to play the secret song of the day: Rock ‘N Roll McDonalds by Wesley Willis.

The Weather Report with Dusty Clouds (Facebook)
Thursdays Noon-2pm on KSPC Claremont 88.7 FM / Streaming at

The Residents “Constantinople”
Old Time Relijun “Vampire Sushi”
Foot Village “Bones”
Black Moth Super Rainbow “Psychic Love Damage”
This Heat “24 Track Loop”
Replikants “Agent Oranges (Fancy Mix)”
Brainiac “Go Freaks Go”
Subtitle “Smoke Is Smoke”
Deerhoof “Con Sordino”
Megapuss “Theme from Hollywood”
Gothic Tropic “Stronger”
Fugazi “Little Debbie”
At the Drive-In “Rascuache”
Rod Rogers With The Swinging Strings “Little Rug Bug”
Chromatics “Garden”
Animal Collective “My girls”
Maximo Park “The Coast Is Always Changing”
The Make Up “Save Yourself”
Five Nights at Freddies “Join Us For a Bite”
Beverly Hills 90210 “Beverly Hills Theme”
Wesley Willis “Rock ‘n Roll McDonald’s”
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti “Beverly Kills”
The Shaggs “Philosophy of the World”
Primus “Eyes of the Squirrel”
“Never Gonna Give You Up Chip Tune”
Can “Vitamin C”
Apprentice Destroyer “Chromosome Choir”

Playlist: 11.09.17 (KSPC)


Thanks Weather Reporters for bringing the heat to the temperature pledge drive today. Twice, we managed to reach our goal of 1000° F and unlock the secret songs of the day. Great job everyone!

The Weather Report with Dusty Clouds (Facebook)
Thursdays Noon-2pm on KSPC Claremont 88.7 FM / Streaming at

Battles “Atlas”
Fugazi “Walken’s Syndrome”
Metz “Mr. Plague”
Shabazz Palaces “The Neurochem Mixalogue”
Richard Nixon “Rod & The MSR Singers”
The I.L.Y’s “This Is How It Is Now”
TV On the Radio “dreams”
Warpaint “The Stall”
Jesse and the Rippers “forever”
Magnum P.I. Theme
Ariel Pinks Haunted Graffiti “Beverly Kills”
Liars “Let’s Not Wrestle Mt. Heart Attack”
Wild and Crazy Kids Theme
Com Truise “memory”
Can “Vitamin C”
Jan Terri “Losing You”
Gummi Bears Theme
Animal Collective “The Purple Bottle”
SpongeBob SquarePants “Don’t Be a Jerk (It’s Christmas)”
The Make Up “(Make Me A) Feelin Man”
Tobacco “Gods in Heat”
Crispin Glover “Clowny Clown Clown”
John Muir “The Moon Men”
Gothic Tropic “your soul”
Bobbi Blake “I Like Yellow Things”
Doogie Howser MD Theme

Congrats Ceeze McCheese! Boy Meets World DVD Winner!

Congrats to Cesar (Ceeze McCheese), winner of the signed Boy Meets World DVD! Ceeze got 18 out of 18 right in the Boy Meets World Quiz. The dude knows his stuff!



Playlist: 11.02.17 (KSPC)


Today’s TV theme blocks featured some deep cuts from the 80’s. Also, pretty sure the Dodgers lost the World Series because I watched Game 7 at the wrong bar last night. Curses.

The Weather Report with Dusty Clouds (Facebook)
Thursdays Noon-2pm on KSPC Claremont 88.7 FM / Streaming at

Can “Halleluwah”
Zach Hill “The Primitives Talk”
The I.L.Y’s “The Treatment”
Ho99o9 “Gates of Torment”
Bernie Mac “Take me out to the ballgame”
Enylobe “Untitled 1”
Com Truise “Vacuume”
Teachers Only “Teachers Only Theme”
Gimme a Break “Gimme a Break Theme”
Going Places “Going Places Theme”
Bustin’ Loose “Bustin’ Loose Theme”
I’m a Big Girl Now “I’m a Big Girl Now Theme”
My Two Dads “You can count on me”
Tyondai Braxton “J City”
Fugazi “Cassavetes”
Fugazi “Little Debbie”
Downtown Boys “I’m Enough (I Want More)”
The Facts of Life “The Facts of Life Theme”
Out of the World “Out of this World Theme”
Living Dolls “Living Dolls Theme”
Making the Grade “Making the Grade Theme”
One In A Million “One in a Million Theme”
Day by Day “Day by Day Theme”
Silver Spoons “Silver Spoons Theme”
TV On the Radio “staring at the Sun”
Gothic Tropic “stronger”
Black Moth Super Rainbow “We Burn”
Toro y Moi “Go with You”
Unknown “Loser (8Bit)”
Perfect Strangers “Perfect Strangers Theme”
Nothing is Easy “Nothing is Easy Theme”
Free Spirit “Free Spirit Theme”
Joe’s World “Joe’s World Theme”
Just the Ten of Us “Just the Ten of Us Theme”
Health “Die Slow”
Warpaint “Don’t Wanna”
Throbbing Gristle “Ab/7A”
Theives Like Us “Drugs in my Body”
WKRP in Cincinnati “WKRP In Cincinnati Theme”
Sister Sister “Sister Theme”
Beverly Hills 90210 “Beverly Hills Theme”
Dawson’s Creek “Dawson’s Creek Theme”
Seinfeld “Seinfeld Theme”
Boy Meets World “Boy Meets World Theme”
Rodd Keith “How Can a Man Overcome His Heartbroken Pain”
Foot Village “Crow Call”
Wolf Eyes “Rotten Tropics”

Playlist: 10.26.17 (KSPC)

A Spookified playlist for this week’s Weather Report…
The Weather Report with Dusty Clouds (Facebook)
Thursdays Noon-2pm on KSPC Claremont 88.7 FM / Streaming at

Silver Apples “A Pox On You” from “Contact”
Dick Kent “Octopus Woman” from “American Song-Poem Anthology”
Outer Limits “Outer Limits Open” from “Outer Limits Open”
Tom Waits “What’s He Building?” from “Mule Variations”
David Lynch and Peter Ivers “In Heaven (Lady in the Radiator Song)” from “Eraserhead OST”
Lost Highway “Mystery Man Scene” from “Mystery Man Scene”
David Lynch “The Ballad of Hollis Brown” from “The Big Dream”
Isabella rosselini “Blue Velvet” from “Blue Velvet”
The Velvet Underground “The Gift” from “White Light/White Heat”
Are you Afraid of the Dark? “Are you Afraid of the Dark? Opening”
Goosebumps “Goosebumps Theme”
Shadow Chasers “Shadow Chasers Theme” from “Shadow Chasers Theme”
Willy Wonka “Tunnel of Terror Scene” from “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”
Twilight Zone “Twilight Zone Theme”
Unsolved Mysteries “Unsolved Mysteries Theme”
Walmart “Walmart Chant”
The Chordettes “Mr. Sandman” from “Mr. Sandman”
Crispin Glover “Clowny Clown Clown” from “The Big Problem?”
Tales From The Crypt “Tales from the Crypt Theme” from “Tales from the Crypt Theme”
Q Lazzarus “Goodbye Horses” from “Undulating Snake EP”
Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross “Consummation” from “Gone Girl OST”
Five Nights at Freddy’s “The Living Tombstone”
Tales from the Darkside “Tales from the Darkside Theme”
Beetlejuice “Beetlejuice Theme”
Throbbing Gristle “Hamburger Lady” from “D.O.A. The Third and Final Report of Throbbing Gristle”
Psycho “Psycho Theme”
Suicide “Frankie Teardrop” from “Suicide”
Bauhaus “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” from “Bela Lugosi’s Dead – Single”
Ho99o9 “P.O.W. (Prisoners of War)” from “Horrors of 1999 – EP”
Jon Sudano “In the End (Vocal Cover)”
Jocelyn Pook “Masked Ball” from “Eyes Wide Shut OST”

Playlist: 10.19.17 (KSPC)

Ho9909 “P.O.W. (Prisoners of War)” from “Horrors of 1999 – EP”
The I.L.Y’s “This Is How It Is Now” from “Bodyguard”
Kill Me Tomorrow “Skin’s Getting Weird” from “The Garbageman And The Prostitute”
Com Truise “Ephemeron” from “Iteration”
TV On the Radio “staring at the Sun” from “Young Liars”
Brainiac “I Fuzbot” from “Smack Bunny Baby”
Sri Darwin Gross “At the Grass Roots” from “Songs In the Key of Z, Vol. 1 (The Curious Universe of Outsider Music)”
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti “round and round” from “Before Today”
Clinic “See Saw” from “free reign”
Ween “Grounded for Life Theme” from “Grounded for Life Theme”
Black Moth Super Rainbow “They Live in the Meadow” from “Dandelion Gum”
Alan Vega “Cry Fire” from “Just a Million Dreams”
Clipping. “Tonight (feat. Gangsta Boo)” from “CLPPNG”
Good Times “Good Times Theme” from “Good Times Theme”
Bibio “Anything New” from “Mind Bokeh”
Apprentice Destroyer “Jovian Sky” from “Glass Ceiling Universe”
The Jerrymanders, The Jerrymanders, vocal Wm. H. Arpaia & Wm. H. Arpaia “Listen Mister Hat” from “Do You Know the Difference Between Big Wood and Brush”
The Birthday Party “Zoo Music Girl” from “Hits”
Melt-Banana “Plot in a Pot” from “scratch or stitch”
The Make-Up “Save Yourself” from “Save Yourself”
Gary Roberts & The Satellites “Do You Know the Difference Between Big Wood and Brush” from “Do You Know the Difference Between Big Wood and Brush”
Enylobe “Untitled 3” from “Liji”
Taxi “Taxi Theme” from “Taxi Theme”
Who’s The Boss “Who’s the Boss Theme” from “Who’s the Boss Theme”
LA Law “LA Law Theme” from “LA Law Theme”
Wonder Years “Wonder Years Theme” from “Wonder Years Theme”
Nite Jewel “In the Nite” from “Real High”
Mentos “Mentos” from “Mentos”
Wesley Willis “Rock and Roll McDonalds” from “Songs In the Key of Z, Vol. 1 (The Curious Universe of Outsider Music)”
The I.L.Y’s “The Treatment” from “Bodyguard”
Holger Czukay “The Photo Song” from “Der Osten Ist Rot”
HOTT MT “Summer Lime” from “I Made This”
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti “Bright Lit Blue Skies” from “Before Today”
Teri Summers & The Librettos “City’s Hospital Patients” from “Do You Know the Difference Between Big Wood and Brush”