Grand Rapids Michigan lip sync video “American Pie”

After being listed as No. 10 on a list of America’s “dying” cities. Grand Rapids made this 10 minute lip sync video set to Don McLean’s “American Pie” all shot in one take… Yeah its cheesy but wow.. organizing around 3000 people for a single shot video is quite remarkable..


3 Comments on “Grand Rapids Michigan lip sync video “American Pie””

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  2. Deborah McNamara says:

    Amazing!! Great job putting this all together…thanks to all who participated. Fun to watch and proud to say this is my town, Grand Rapids, Michigan!!!

  3. MD'A says:

    My God what a wonderful exhibition of how this country will be put back together by its (young) citizens and not the politicians (of either party) or the bankers or the “elite.” Well done Grand Rapids…I am proud of you even though I have never been there.