playlist: 10.13.11 (KSPC)

Captain Beefheart “Dachau Blues” from “TROUT MASK REPLICA” on Reprise
Can “Oh Yeah” from “tago mago” on Spoon
Faust “It’s A Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl” from “So Far” on Recommended
Liars “Proud Evolution” from “sisterworld” on Mute
White Marsh “New Pines” from “White Marsh / Koobatoo Asparagus” on future static
Grinderman “When My Baby Comes” from “Grinderman 2” on Anti
Deerhoof “Desaparecere” from “Milk Man” on Kill Rock Stars / 5 RC
Bruce Haack “Man Kind” from “Farad The Electric Voice” on stones throw
Ducktails “Arcade Shift” from “III: Arcade Dynamics” on Woodsist
Ariel Pink’s Hanted Graffiti “Round And Round” from “Before Today” on 4AD
Twin Sister “Kimmi In A Rice Field” from “in heaven” on domino
Geoff Geis “Airplane Jam” from “Princess” on Vanity Projects
Battles “Sweetie and Shag” from “Gloss Drop” on WARP
Neon Indian “Era Extrana” from “Era Extrana” on Static Tongues
cLOUDDEAD “Rifle Eyes” from “Ten” on mush
Kraftwerk “Neon Lights” from “the Man Machine” on Kling Klang
Tune-Yards “Bizness” from “w h o k i l l” on 4AD
Zach Hill “The Primitives Talk” from “Face Tat” on Sargent House
David Lynch “Lady in the Radiator” from “Eraserhead” on A&M
Avey Tare “3 Umbrellas” from “Down There” on Paw Tracks
Blank Dogs “Lostlight” from “Land and Fixed” on captured tracks
Twin Shadow “Yellow Balloon” from “Forget” on Terrible
Suicide “Cheree” from “Suicide” on Red Star
Paul A Rosales “Nautilus Cry” from “Wonder Wheel I” on Care in the Community
Stab City “Vomitorium” from “Coliseum EP” on self released
Tobacco “Six Royal Vipers” from “Maniac Meat” on anticon