Playlist: 10.12.17 (KSPC)


Liars “Proud Evolution” from “Sisterworld”
Joanna Newsom “Spooks” from “Inherent Vice OST”
Dick Kent “Maker of Smooth Music” from “American Song Poem Anthology”
Shogun Kunitoki “Riddarholmen” from “Vinonaamakasio”
The I.L.Y’s “Gargoyle” from “Bodyguard”
Deerhoof “Desaparecere” from “Milk Man”
BJ Snowden “In Canada” from “Songs in the Key of Z”
Nightman “Nightman theme” from “Nightman theme”
Cobra “Cobra Theme” from “Cobra Theme”
Bobbi Blake “I Like Yellow Things” from “American Song Poem Anthology”
The State “The State Theme” from “The State Theme”
Stella “Stella Theme” from “Stella Theme”
Blossom “Blossom Theme” from “Blossom Theme”
At the Drive-In “Rascuache” from “Vaya – EP”
TV On the Radio “staring at the Sun” from “Desperate Youth, blood thirsty babes”
Tobacco “Warlock Mary” from “Sweatbox Dynasty”
Bill Joy “How Long Are You Staying” from “The American Song-Poem Anthology”
ABC News “ABC News Theme 1989” from “ABC News Theme 1989”
Shadow Chasers “Shadow Chasers Theme” from “Shadow Chasers Theme”
Michael Hoenig “Max Headroom Theme” from “Max Headroom Theme”
Mission Impossible “Mission Impossible Theme” from “Mission Impossible Theme”
Spenser for Hire “Theme from Spenser: For Hire / Spenser” from “Theme from Spenser: For Hire / Spenser”
Unsolved Mysteries “Unsolved Mysteries Theme” from “Unsolved Mysteries Theme”
Baywatch “Baywatch Theme” from “Baywatch Theme”
Ho99o9 “Day of Vengeance” from “Horrors of 1999 – EP”
Enylobe “untitled 2” from “Liji”
Apprentice Destroyer “The Cloud Fortress” from “Glass Ceiling Universe”
Indian Agent “All Over Town (feat. Budo)” from “Meditations in the Key of Red”
The Shaggs “Philosophy of the World” from “Philosophy Of The World”
Jandek “You Can Stop Now” from “Living In A Moon So Blue”
Rod, Rod + The MSR Singers & The MSR Singers “Beat of the Traps” from “American Song Poem Anthology”
Leg Work “Leg Work Theme” from “Leg Work Theme”
Com Truise “Ephemeron” from “Iteration”
Harold Faltermeyer “Beverly Hills Cop Theme” from “Beverly Hills Cop Theme”
DALMACIO VON DIAMOND “Suffer” from “The People in Your Neighborhood Disc 1”
Brainiac “ride” from “Smack Bunny Baby”
Joe Goddard “Nothing Moves” from “Electric Lines (Deluxe Version)”
Deerhoof “C” from “Milk Man”