Playlist 11.30.17 (KSPC)


I’m posting this playlist two weeks after having DJed the show, so I don’t recall how things went down. I assume we got through it okay though.

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Subtitle “Young Dangerous Heart”
Kill Me Tomorrow “Xerox My Hand”
Year Future “Nature Unveiled”
The Locust “#99”
The Locust “Hairspray Suppository”
The Locust “Keep Off the Tracks”
Fugazi “Waiting Room”
Liars “Scarecrows on a Killer Slant”
David Lynch “Lady in the Radiator Song”
Machintosh Plus “Floral Shoppe”
Tobacco “Let’s Get Worn Away”
Reading Rainbow “Reading Rainbow Theme Song”
Brown “News Orb Jam”
Tiny Tim (with Miss Sue) “true love”
Unknown Mortal Orchestra “Ur Life One Night”
Tomber Lever “Stay Hungry”
Bobbi Blake “I Like Yellow Things”
Junko Yagami “Bay City”
Miho Fujiwara “Next Move”
Tomoko Aran “I’m in Love”
Can “mushroom”
Grounded for Life “Grounded for Life Theme”
Malcolm in the Middle “Malcolm In the Middle (Theme)”
Taxi “Angela (Theme from “taxi”)”
Shadow Chasers “Shadow Chasers Theme”
Gary Shandling Show “The Gary Shandling Show (This Is the Theme To Garry’s Show)”
LA Law “LA Law Theme”
Who’s The Boss “Who’s the Boss Theme”
The State “The State Theme”
Mission Impossible “Mission impossible theme”
Todd Andrews “The Palace Roses”
Rugrats “Rugrats Theme”
The I.L.Y’s “The Treatment”
Captain Planet “Captain Planet Theme”
Rhys Chatham & Gary Smith & Pat Thomas with Apache 61 “Live at Now ninety8”
Metz “Cellophane”
Crossfire “Crossfire Commercial”
Smash Mouth “All Star in C”
Com Truise “memory”