Playlist 12.7.17 (KSPC)


Thanks to the generous fahrenheit temperature pledges from our generous listeners, we unlocked the Weath-o-meter TWICE today! Incredible stuff.

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Brian Eno “Baby’s on Fire”
Enon “In this City”
Gothic Tropic “Teenage Behavior”
David Lynch “The Line It Curves”
The Make Up “Live In the Rhythm Hive”
Miles Davis “big time”
Heather Noel “Santa Came On a Nuclear Missile”
Mr Bucket “Buckets of Fun!”
Crossfire “Crossfiyah”
Michael Nhat “Insanity”
Com Truise “Isostacy”
Numbers “We like having these things”
Rodd and Judy “Santa Fix My Toys for Christmas”
NAKED CITY “Demon Sanctuary”
NAKED CITY “Thrash Jazz Assassin”
NAKED CITY “Dead Spot”
Mission of Burma “Trem Two”
Home Improvement “Home Improvement Theme”
Out of this World “Out of this World Theme”
Beverly Hills 90210 “Beverly Hills 90210 Theme”
My Two Dads “You can count on me”
Gimme a Break “Gimme a Break Theme”
Dawson’s Creek “Dawson’s Creek Theme”
Neon Indian “Street Level”
Neu “Isi”
Suicide “Mr. Ray”
Shabazz Palaces “Shine a Light (feat. Thaddillac)”
Rudolf “We’re a Couple of Misfits”
Jon Sudano “Semi Charmed Life Cover”
Man Is the Bastard “Existence Decay”
Metz “Lost in the Blank City”
Girl Band “Pears for Lunch”
Throbbing Gristle “Dead on Arrival”