Playlist: 12.14.17 (KSPC)


Today was the last Weather Report EVER of Fall 2017. Next week we begin a new Winter Season – same time, same place… except it will be winter… and i suppose not exactly the same time, as it will be a week from today.

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Can “Yoo Doo Right”
Animal Collective “Banshee Beat”
Barbara Streisand “Send in the clowns”
Apprentice Destroyer “Chromosome Choir”
Noga Erez “Balkada”
Black Dice “La Cucaracha”
The I.L.Y’s “The Studio”
Tobacco “Gods in Heat”
Throbbing Gristle “Ab/7A”
Taxi “Taxi Theme”
Making the Grade “Making the Grade Theme”
Murder She Wrote “Murder She Wrote Theme”
Matlock “Matlock – Theme from the Television Series”
Fraggle Rock “Fraggle Rock Theme”
Crossfire “Crossfiyah”
Simon And Simon “Simon and Simon”
ER “ER (Theme)”
LA Law “LA Law Theme”
Star Trek: The Next Generation “Star Trek: The Next Generation Theme”
Ho99o9 “Day of Vengeance”
Sun Ra “Twin Stars of Thence”
Cara Stewart “Song of the Burmese Land”
Norm Burns & Singers “Human Breakdown of Absurdity”
Gene Marshall “All You Need Is a Fertile Mind”
Rodd Keith “Cloud Nine”
Enylobe “untitled 2”
Miles Davis “Pharoah’s Dance”