Playlist: 12.28.17 (KSPC)


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Bruce Haack “Incantation”
Chromatics “Jesus”
Tobacco “Fantasy Trash Wave”
Brainiac “Strung”
Liars “Let’s Not Wrestle Mt. Heart Attack”
Wesley Willis “Rock ‘n Roll McDonald’s”
Dick Kent “Maker of Smooth Music”
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti “Bright Lit Blue Skies”
Deerhoof “Criminals of the Dream”
Golden Girls “Golden Girls Theme”
The Wonder Years “The Wonder Years”
Growning Pains “Growing Pains Theme”
7th Heaven “7th Heaven Theme”
Joey Lawrence “Brothely Love Theme”
Family Matters “Family Matters Theme”
Dawson’s Creek “Dawson’s Creek Theme”
Black Eyes “Someone Has His Fingers Broken”
Apprentice Destroyer “Desert Light”
The I.L.Y’s “The Treatment”
Glenn Branca “Symphony #5: 4th Movement”
Enylobe “untitled 3”
Ho99o9 “Gates of Torment”
Liars “A Ring On Every Finger”
Can “Future Days”
David Lynch “Strange and Unproductive Thinking”
Bruce Haack “Program Me”
Com Truise “Propagation”
Daniel Johnston “Walking the Cow”
Ducktales “DuckTales Theme”
Doogie Howser MD “doogie howser md theme”
Beverly Hills 90210 “Beverly Hills 90210 Theme”
News Radio “News Radio Theme”
LA Law “LA Law Theme”
Perfect Strangers “Perfect Strangers Theme”