Playlist: 1.18.18 (KSPC)


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Clinic “King kong”
Battles “Futura”
Holger Czukay “Good Morning Story”
Deerhoof “Kokoye”
ESG “You’re no Good”
The Make Up! “time machine”
Devendra Banhart “Fur Hildegard Von Bingen”
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti “Can’t Hear My Eyes”
Balmorhea “Behind the World”
Angelo Badalamenti “Twin Peaks Theme “Falling””
Apprentice Destroyer “Downward to Greendeep”
Melrose Place “Melrose Place Theme”
Beverly Hills 90120 “Beverly Hills 90120 Theme”
Com Truise “Isostacy”
Unsolved Mysteries “Unsolved Mysteries Theme”
Knight Rider “Knight Rider Theme”
Enylobe “untitled 3”
Captain Planet “Captain Planet Theme”
Small Wonder “SMall WOnder Theme”
Animal Collective “The Purple Bottle”
Tune Yards “Bizness”
LA Law “LA Law Theme”
Magnum PI “Magnum Pi Theme”
Darkwing Duck “Darkwing Duck Theme”
Smart Guy “Smart Guy Theme”
Sister Sister “Sister Sister Theme”
TV On the Radio “satellite”
Daniel Johnston “Walking the Cow”
Ace Sob unit “Pocket”
Gene Marshall “Green Fingernails”
Wesley Willis “Rock N’ Roll McDonald’s”
Crossfire “Crossfire Commercial”
Duck Tales “Duck Tales Theme”
Street Sharks “Street Sharks Theme”
Legends of the Hidden Temple “Legends of the Hidden Temple Theme”
NewsRadio “News Radio Theme”
Hey Dude “Hey Dude Theme”
Polaris “Hey Sandy (Pete and Pete Theme)”
Milford Perkins “The Duck Egg Walk”
Perfect Strangers “Perfect Strangers Theme”
The Make Up “Live In the Rhythm Hive”
The Nanny “The Nanny Theme”
The Facts of Life “The Facts of Life Theme”
California Dreams “California Dreams Theme”
BJ Snowden “In Canada”